The 64 AUDIO A10 Custom IEMs are the world's first true "reference" monitors. They're comprised of 1..


The 64 AUDIO A12 Custom Monitors are the pinnacle of professional audio reproduction. They are the c..


The 64 Audio A18 Tzar™ is the world’s first custom-fit earphone with 18 balanced armature drivers pe..


The 64 AUDIO A2 is a remarkable yet affordable dual-driver Custom In-ear Monitor (CIEM). The A2 easi..


The 64 Audio A2e is the most affordable Custom IEM with apex technology. The A2e packs two drivers i..


The 64 AUDIO A3 is an extremely versatile and popular IEM that possesses impressive clarity and warm..


The 64 AUDIO A4 Custom Monitors were designed with bass lovers in mind. In addition to having dedica..


The 64 AUDIO A6 is the "in-ear monitor of choice" for touring musicians and Houses of Worship. The A..


The 64 AUDIO A8 is a premium "enhanced bass" custom IEM. Special attention was put on enhancing the ..


Custom Art’s first foray into acrylic monitors. Bold sound, top-notch finish, affordable pricing. Ch..


FIBAE™ 1 is an entry level IEM with the world’s first patent pending flat impedance design. Boasting..


FIBAE™ 2 is a dual-driver mid-level IEM utilizing the world’s first patent pending flat impedance de..


Specification:- 8 Balanced Armature- 3way cross-over in Single Phase configuration- Dual Low, Dual L..


Custom Art Music One is dedicated for all audiophiles and music enthusiasts looking for a bang ..


Custom Art Music Two Upgrade to Music One. True 2-way configuration in AcuPass™ technology. Equ..


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