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NEW and improved TWcu v3 

Working off the same idea of TWag v3, TWcu v3 is now 55% more metal as well. It now measures 24.5 gauge size. There was a lot more work done with the copper v3. Since Whiplash Audio wanted to be known for copper as well, more attention needed to be made and it was time to roll up our sleeves. Starting with "weight". In audio, weight can be described as a sense of top to bottom responses. v3 copper needed to be improved with both highs and lows. Copper is often associated with bass. Well not only did we improve the sense of deep rich warmth, we also at the same time created improved highs, WIDE soundstage and improved details that makes this an impressive force in today's market. Making this 24.5awg really set the standard for OCC copper. There are so many making OCC copper cables that add additional names making it "sound unique". We not only improved the resolution side of things, but added details and tranparancy that can only be heard with our new v3. 

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