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Whiplash Audio is a place where all type of listeners can find what they need. From the audiophile iPod user to the someone looking to fill their living room, we have it all. All DIY pre-made amps will be in limited stock, so get yours while they're here! Please check back on new availability of DIY products and what's in store for new arrivals.

Whiplash Hybrid IEM

At Whiplash Audio we've come up with an entirely new approach - we allow you to customize your own cables. Visit the Whiplash Custom Cables area, pick the type of cable you need and then select the options you'd like added to your cable. You get to pick the wire type or connectors or length. It's up to you.

Need any DIY supplies to quell that urge to heat up the soldering iron? We carry the best brands like Neutrik, Furutech, Switchcraft, Wattgate and Cardas.

Now announcing - FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING. That's right, your orders to addresses within the United States will ship for free. For International Orders we now have one flate rate - $30.


New Products

  1. NEW!! TWspc v3

    NEW!! TWspc v3

    Regular Price: $250.00

    Special Price: $240.00

    As low as: $190.00
  2. Ortofon e-Q8 Flagship In-Ear Monitors

    Ortofon e-Q8 Flagship In-Ear Monitors

    Regular Price: $399.00

    Special Price: $348.00

  3. Earsonic Velvet In-Ear Monitors

    Earsonic Velvet In-Ear Monitors

    Regular Price: $798.00

    Special Price: $698.00

  4. Ortofon mhd-q7 Portable Amp

    Ortofon mhd-q7 Portable Amp

    Regular Price: $398.00

    Special Price: $298.00

  5. All new Whiplash Audio Modular cable System
  6. NEW!!! TWag v3 LITZ

    NEW!!! TWag v3 LITZ

    Regular Price: $425.00

    Special Price: $360.00

    As low as: $285.00
  7. Audeze LCD-XC with Optional Cable Package
  8. Audeze LCD-3 with Optional Cable Package



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